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Spawn Mate, Inc. was formed in the early 1970's around a patent developed by Penn State University for a delayed release nutritional supplement for mushrooms. Spawn Mate essentially established itself as the standard for mushroom supplementation within North America. The key to Spawn Mate's acceptance and success lies in several essential product criteria:

  • The products can be added at spawning or casing. 

  • The nutrients are delivered in a delayed release form.

  • Nutrient levels are sufficient to provide a significant amount of energy to stimulate yields and provide an economic benefit to the grower.

To this date, all Spawn Mate products have been denatured, providing key benefits in temperature control during spawn run. By varying the type of ingredients and the protein levels, Spawn Mate supplements can be varied to fit into different growing systems and farm requirements. 


All Spawn Mate products are produced in New Albany, Indiana. This plant is an efficient facility that is designed around production efficiencies and flexibility. Under the direction of the Biotechnical Research department, Spawn Mate is constantly researching new methods and formulations to enhance mushroom yield and quality.


Spawn Mate produces a wide range of supplements under the Spawn Mate and ProMycel names within North America and Europe.
Promycel Gold, Promycel 450 and Spawn Mate II-SE are approved for use in Mexico and
Spawn Mate will pursue permitting in other Latin American countries if there is a substantial need.


(Approved for use in Mexico)

ProMycel Gold is designed to deliver rapid and complete compost colonization at a rate of 3% - 3.5% of compost dry weight at spawning.  Gold is approximately 54% protein, with a balanced nutritional content of lipids, carbohydrates, micronutrients and multiple protein sources. ProMycel Gold has been a solid, consistent performer under many growing conditions and has established the benchmark for other supplements to follow. 


(Approved for use in Mexico)

A blend of multiple protein sources, carbohydrates, and fats, treated to minimize heating during spawn run. Promycel 450 contains 45% protein and can be used at 4% of the dry weight at spawning.


(Approved for use in Mexico)

Promycel Titanium is a delayed-release mushroom supplement that is formulated to help prevent infestations of competitor fungi, especially green mold.  It is available with or without an added fungicide.  It has a balanced nutritional content of lipids, carbohydrates, micronutrients and multiple protein sources, but does not contain nutrients which encourage the growth of competitors.  Titanium contains 48% protein and the recommended supplementation rate is 4% to 4.5% of the dry weight at spawning. 


(Approved for use in Mexico)


Spawn Mate II SE is a blend of simple carbohydrates and has a low protein content (27%).  II SE is the ideal choice for oyster production


(Not Currently Permitted in Mexico)


A balanced nutritional blend with all the properties of Gold but without animal protein.   Target contains 48% protein and is used at 3% to 3.5% of the dry weight.

(Not currently permitted in Mexico)


Spawn Mate's supplement for used in Organic Mushroom production.  It has all of the benefits of Gold without any chemical treatment. PG Natural contains 54% protein and is used at 3% to 3.5% of the dry weight.