Amycel Spawn Mate Service for Latin American Mushroom Growers

Amycel / Spawn Mate have set up a reliable network of freight forwarders to deliver spawn and supplement to customers in Latin America.  In the case of Mexico, spawn is shipped in refrigerated trucks from the spawn plant in Madisonville, Texas, and crosses the US / Mexico border at Laredo, Texas.  The spawn is then transferred to a Mexican carrier and is delivered to Amycel warehouse in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.  The trip takes 3 days.  The spawn is held at 34F (2C) during the entire process.  Disposable temperature recorders inside the trailer monitor the ambient during shipment to assure proper refrigeration conditions are met.

 Spawn Mate supplements are shipped according to the same route.  Mushroom supplements are not perishable and do not require refrigeration equipment.  The supplements are also stored at the Amycel warehouse in San Miguel.

 Shipments to Central and South America are delivered by ocean container.  Both 20 ft. and 40 ft. containers are available.  The same type of quality control used in trucks is also practiced with containers. 

Our Company Profile

 Amycel and Spawn Mate have been serving the Mushroom Industry in North and South America since the late 1970s.  Combined with the Biotechnical Research and Development Group, the companies collectively serve the world wide mushroom industry by providing a combination of products and services required by mushroom growers.

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