Professional Experience


(2006-2008) Sylvan America Inc., Technical and Commercial Representative

(2009-2012) Agronomist Engineer of SENAC - Serviço Nacional de Aprendizagem Comercial

(2012) Professor of Faculdade de Tecnologia de Mogi das Cruzes - FATEC

(1996-1997) Development of sustainable system looking for Environment preservation at Permaculture Education Center, Djabung Gardens Education Center, NSW, Austrália.

(1997-2000) Logs production of Shiitake’s mushroom.

(1999-2001) Monitor at Microbiology and Phytopathology at Taubaté Agriculture University.

(2001-2002) Monitor of Enviromnental Engineer at University of Taubaté.

(2002-2003) Trainee at Microbiology Laboratory at Agriculture Sao Paulo State University.

(2003-2004) Composting process and Agaricus bisporus cultivation at LUCA, Industry, Brazil.

(2003-2004) Agaricus bisporus cultivation at Acclimatized and rustic systems at Carmelo´s farm of Mushrooms, Brazil.

(2003) Coordinator of the Mushroom Festival of Mogi das Cruzes, SP.

(2003-2007) Cultivation of Lentinula edodes and Pleurotus ostreatus. Consultant at “Portal dos Cogumelo´s farm”, RJ, Brazil.

(2004-2005) Substrate process and Cultivation of Lentinula edodes.  Consultant  at Fungi Farm, Mogi das Cruzes, SP, Brazil.

Coordinator of Video Course of the preparation of substrate, spawn , and cultivation of shii-take. Centro de Produções Técnicas, Viçosa, MG.Brasil.(2005)

Coordinator of Video Course of the preparation of substrate, spawn , and cultivation of Pleurotus. Centro de Produções Técnicas, Viçosa, MG.Brasil.(2006)

(2004-2006) Cultivation of Lentinula edodes. Consultant at “Lua Novas Farm”, Lorena, SP, Brasil.

(2002-2005) Cultivation of Lentinula edodes. Consultant at “Santa Cecília’s Farm”, Pindamonhangaba, SP, Brasil.(2005-2006) Agronomist  responsible for the Development of Edible and Medicinal Mushroom Production Chain of  200 growers at Alto Tietê Region, including Technical Improvement Project and Managerial and Market Development Project.  State of Sao Paulo Its Project is realized and financing supported by: Government, State Agency that provides support to small business, Sao Paulo State Agriculture Secretariat and Mogi das Cruzes Rural Syndicate growers union.

(2006-2007)  Researcher at Genetic of Microorganism Laboratory of ESALQ-USP University, Piracicaba, SP, Brazil.